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Jackson Community House &Museum play video

I see the use of this building to continue to serve the community and focus on our youth. The children are a percentage of our population, but they're 100 percent of the future.

- Sherri Taylor


Jackson Community House & Museum

In 1943, the Montgomery City Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs purchased this residence for its 25 adult clubs and 15 youth clubs.

The federation was associated with a series of groups all promoting positive citizenship on both race and gender fronts. They formed an invaluable gathering place for black women using the Community House. It functioned as a Girl Scouts headquarters, a popular teenage meeting place, an adult social and civic center, and beginning in December 1948, the city’s first library open to African-Americans.

The building also hosted meetings of the Women’s Political Council, which helped initiate the Montgomery Bus Boycott; a “Stork’s Nest” for needy mothers; a Head Start kindergarten; voter registration; youth leadership training; tutorial and counseling programs for at-risk youth; family reunions, receptions and weddings.

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Map & Information

The Jackson-Community House

South Union Street, Montgomery, AL, USA
(334) 221-1973

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Photo Preview

South Union Street in downtown Montgomery, Alabama

courtesy Alabama Department of Archives and History