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Historic Bethel Baptist Church play video

The significance of Bethel to me was the very light at the end of the tunnel for segregation. We were all in darkness and the light started right up in that pulpit with Reverend Shuttlesworth.

- Marian Jones Daniel


Historic Bethel Baptist Church

Historic Bethel Baptist Church served as headquarters for the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR), which applied both legal and nonviolent direct action against segregation. During that time, the church was pastored by Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, a leader of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. Bethel Baptist was also a key location during the 1961 Freedom Ride, and was the designated point of contact for the group in Alabama. Shuttlesworth worked with other movement leadership and the Kennedy administration to strategize moving the rides forward.

The church and its parsonage were bombed three times during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, including Christmas Day, 1956.

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Map & Information

Bethel Baptist Church

28th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL, USA
(205) 324-8489

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Photo Preview

December 12, 1954 tax photo

courtesy Birmingham, Ala. Public Library