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Dexter Avenue King MemorialBaptist Church play video

We want to do whatever we can to make our city a better place to live. And as it has so happened, with Dexter, the influence has spread throughout the world.

- Dr. Ralph Joseph Bryson


Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Known for its years at the forefront of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Civil Rights Movement, led by then-pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church proved how members of the black community could unite in resistance to segregation. It heralded a new era of “direct action.”

Years before the boycott, Dexter Avenue minister Vernon Johns was an early change-seeker, sitting down in the whites-only section of a city bus. When the driver ordered him off, Johns urged other passengers to join him, thus instigating bus sit-ins that would propel the movement.

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Map & Information

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL, USA
(334) 261-3270

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Photo Preview

Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking to people as they leave Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama

courtesy Alabama Department of Archives and History