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Ben Moore Hotel & MaldenBrothers Barber Shop play video

If I had any idea I'd be cutting one of the most historical figures of the 20th century, I certainly would have handled him differently.

- Nelson Malden


Ben Moore Hotel & Malden Brothers Barber Shop

The Ben Moore Hotel was built in 1945 and opened its doors to African-Americans soon after. It would become the site of historic meetings between representatives of the black and white populations of Montgomery during the dawn of the Civil Rights era.

The four-story Ben Moore Hotel offered food & lodging, a safe place for meetings, and a vibrant social life free from the bigotry and hostilities of the racism of the 1940s, ‘50s and ’60s.

Malden Brothers Barber Shop, formerly located on the first floor, serviced many in the neighborhood including its most famous customer: the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was here he received on of his final haircuts.

The Dexter Avenue Church Parsonage, where he lived for many years, is just yards away.

Today, the hotel is vacant.

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Map & Information

Malden Brothers Barber Shop

South Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL, USA

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Photo Preview

Martin Luther King, Jr. with marchers in the street in front of Ben Moore Hotel

by Spider Martin